Ex­am­plE9 ma­jor ‘blueS’ pedal-tone idea

cd track 71

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

We fur­ther de­velop the pedal-tone mo­tific con­cept with our fi­nal phrase, again based around a typ­i­cal jazz se­quence in the key of C. Chris­tian plays a three­no5te os­ti­nato based around a rep­e­ti­tious C-a-C pat­tern (root-6th-root), while each rep­e­ti­tion is com­pleted with a shift­ing high note mov­ing chro­mat­i­cally from the 3rd (E) all the way up to the 5th (G). i hope you’ve en­joyed this look at one of gui­tar’s true in­no­va­tors.

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