Exam­plE1 Capo­ing up

cd track 73

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

[Bar 1] Don’t for­get to capo up at the 4th fret! Us­ing a capo is a great cre­ative de­vice and is cer­tainly a con­tribut­ing fac­tor to Marr’s rich gui­tar parts. The move from ma­jor to ma­jor 7th chord is a typ­i­cal Marr de­vice and a good ex a Gm Up lI eTA of Rh oT wEhCeHm Nov IQ esUt hE eS to2­pl6in4e to create more in­ter eS s tu in at rht' e spa Arct.o us tic [Bar 2] This add 9 add 11 chord is com­mon in Marr’s work. AltJhOouHgNhNjuY st aMsAimRpRle C Ma­jor shape shifted up two frets Marr dis­plays his skill as a song­writer in where he chooses to use this chord for dra­matic ef­fect. [Bar 4] note how that ad­d9add11 chord reap­pears with a dif­fer­ent note on the first string. Again, this is a re­ally clever de­vice for adding in­ter­est and melody to rhythm parts.

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