Exam­plE1 Ma­jor Tri­ads over a G rooT

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Here we have the 12 pos­si­bil­i­ties of a ma­jor triad over a root note, start­ing with a G Ma­jor triad over a G root – G/G – then mov­ing the G Ma­jor triad up the neck chro­mat­i­cally to get all 12 slash chords. The gui­tar has a very con­ve­nient G ma­jor triad on the open fourth, third and sec­ond strings: D-G-B (5th, root and 3rd GUITARof G ma­jor). TECHNIQUESThis is used for 2 our6 first4 six shapes (CAGED G shape or A shape). A CAGED D shape ma­jor triad is used for shapes 7-10 and a CAGED E shape ma­jor triad is used for shapes 11 and 12. The Type num­bers (T1, T2 etc) re­late to the type of slash chord rather than the CAGED po­si­tion we nor­mally use. If you want to de­velop this knowl­edge fur­ther, work out each slash chord (Types 1-12) in each of the five CAGED po­si­tions. Type 1 is easy as G/G is a G ma­jor chord. Once you’ve played all 12 ver­sions, aim to com­mit their sound to mem­ory and also see if you can spot their us­age in your favourite mu­sic.

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