String skip­ping arpeg­gio com­bi­na­tion lick

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I love string-skip­ping arpeg­gios and the open in­ter­val­lic sound they have. this lick is typ­i­cal of what can be played over Dm7 us­ing Do­rian arpeg­gios from C Ma­jor. they are: Dm7 (D-F-A-C); F Maj7 (F-A-C-e); and Am7 (A-C-e-g). these are the arpeg­gios of the ac­com­pa­ny­ing chord it­self plus those built on the b3 (FMaj7) and the 5th (Am7). It’s an ef­fi­cient way to get ex­tended chord sounds into your play­ing. this can be played with a pick or hy­brid. In this lat­ter case the fin­gers play the notes on the first string only. Watch your tim­ing – it’s easy to rush the left-hand slides. this lick has been fin­gered as straight 16ths, but there are lots of other rhyth­mic pos­si­bil­i­ties avail­able – so please do ex­per­i­ment!

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