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To learn the style of Paul Si­mon, Ralph McTell, James Tay­lor this pat­tern is pretty much the meat and pota­toes. Of­ten in­cor­rectly termed ‘clawham­mer’ (which, is in­fact, a banjo tech­nique in­volv­ing only down­strokes), the style is more akin to Travis pick­ing. Make sure the first, sec­ond and third fin­gers are as­signed to the third, sec­ond and first strings re­spec­tively and keep a close eye on your ‘rhythm guy’: your thumb must main­tain its metro­nomic duty on the bass notes.

Ex­am­ple 5: A folky chord pat­tern in Streets Of lon­don vein. Try al­ter­nat­ing the bass notes be­tween the fifth and sixth strings, to take the pat­tern fur­ther.

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