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This generic blues pat­tern is great for prac­tis­ing the art of play­ers in­clud­ing Howlin’Wolf, Big Bill Broonzy and Wil­lie Brown (as men­tioned in Cross­roads). The tricky part is at the end of bar 1, where you slide up from the 2nd fret, be­cause at the pre­cise mo­ment of ar­rival at the 4th fret, your thumb picks the bass note, which can feel a lit­tle counter in­tu­itive to be­gin with. Prac­tise slowly, think­ing of this as no more than a se­ries of events that need align­ing in or­der.

Ex­am­ple 7: Here, the pat­tern is ap­plied to a 12-bar se­quence, im­ply­ing 7th chords with pass­ing notes in the bass to link the changes.

Big Bill Broonzy: one of the blues greats of all time

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