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A good way to add a gen­tly per­cus­sive el­e­ment to a chord pat­tern is to place a pick­ling-hand string slap on the back­beats (beat 2 and 4). This also has the ef­fect of dis­plac­ing the chord changes to the off­beats, which adds a lit­tle move­ment. Think of ex­treme’s clas­sic hit, More Than Words, where gui­tarist Nuno Bet­ten­court added these per­cus­sive back­beat slaps to re­ally bring the piece to life.

Ex­am­ple 8: This pro­gres­sion fea­tures a cou­ple of di­min­ished chords, which sound great when used as pass­ing chords be­tween two oth­ers whose root notes are a tone apart (eg C-C#dim-d). This can add a touch of James Tay­lor-ish so­phis­ti­ca­tion.

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