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The most ex­otic of th­ese Pentatonic vari­a­tions, this ex­am­ple is based b-F-G b, around B-e and B C Mi­nor Pentatonic al­beit swap­ping C note for a B note. stick­ing to this pat­tern gives a ready-made so­lu­tion to some of those po­ten­tially more trou­ble­some G7 (#5) chords – and there’s no rea­son why you couldn’t re­vert to the stan­dard C Ma­jor (or mi­nor) Pentatonic for the more pre­dictable chord sec­tion. In fact, one se­cret to ear-catch­ing so­los is to play stan­dard fare and then sur­prise with some­thing a litle ‘out’.

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