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[Bar 1] As with many play­ers of this era Bowie was a ‘thumb over the top player’ and that al­lowed him to play that open po­si­tion Fmaj7 chord that dogs so many gui­tarists. Use the fret­ting hand thumb to hook over the top of the neck and fret at the 1st fret of the sixth string. Use the third fin­ger for the fifth string, the fourth fin­ger for the fourth string, the sec­ond fin­ger for the third string and the first fin­ger for the sec­ond string.

[BarG2U] A IT tAypRic aT llEyC an Hg Nu lI aQrBUoEwSie-2s ty 6 le 5 chord here, theo penSs et cuo an rd t' striAng co is us tic the #11 of this chord and it gives that char­ac­ter­is­tic dis son a nD cAe.VAIgDai nB, tO he WI E thumb over the top fin­ger­ing in the first bar is im­por­tant as it lets you move notes around within the F shape chord with ease. b [Bar 6] And yet more Bowie-style chord fun on this B maj7(#11) chord – if you are not used to this sound it may take your ears some time to ad­just but lis­ten to his mu­sic and you will hear that th­ese types of chords of­ten give way to more ‘ear friendly’ Ma­jor and Mi­nor shapes. [Bar 9] Here is an ex­am­ple of Bowie’s easy go­ing, folk-de­rived strum­ming that STwYiLl­lE­con­trast with some of the more funk-in­flu­enced pat­terns later on.

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