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Guitar Techniques - - TECHNIQUE PROBLEMS -

Com­bin­ing legato, al­ter­nate and hy­brid picked ideas, this ex­am­ple tar­gets con­ti­nu­ity be­tween th­ese tech­niques, to iron out rel­a­tive vol­ume lev­els in a way that com­pres­sion alone can’t re­ally achieve. It’s also about keep­ing tempo con­sis­tent as you switch be­tween ap­proaches. There are no se­crets or short cuts; just work me­thod­i­cally through and you should find many tech­ni­cal glitches get smoothed out. And with all the ex­am­ples, think about whether you are playing on, in front of, or be­hind the beat (an el­e­ment of ‘lazi­ness’ is of­ten pre­ferred since ‘ahead of the beat’ can sound nervy and inse­cure).

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