Guitar Techniques - - OMBRA MAI FU -

[Bars 1-20]

The open­ing 14 bars de­pict the first state­ment of the theme by the orches­tra only. The main chal­lenge here is to make the melody stand out while al­low­ing as much sus­tain as pos­si­ble on the re­peat­ing ac­com­pa­ny­ing chords - so that they are not stac­cato or de­tached. This ef­fect re­quires con­sid­er­able con­trol of the pick­ing hand; ie, not mak­ing any con­tact on the strings in be­tween each chord, and we also need to main­tain fret­ting hand pres­sure on each chord for the long­est pos­si­ble mo­ment un­til the chord has to change. You will there­fore need to work on smooth and dex­trous ac­cu­racy with the fret­ting hand. At bar 15 the melody note A is where the vo­cal­ist be­gins so do all you can to give this melody line much warmth and tone.

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