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Here we have a slightly harder task, as we need to trace the chord shape ex­actly as it is played lower down the neck. Bar 1 is a B7­sus4 (B-F#-A-E-F#) and the ar­ti­fi­cial har­mon­ics need to trace this out on frets 21, 19, 21, 19. For this type of sit­u­a­tion it is some­times eas­ier to adopt a slightly dif­fer­ent p2lay­ing method. Try this – point onto the 21st fret with your first fin­ger, a2nd then pluck the note with your third fin­ger. You can steady the whole op­er­a­tion by rest­ing your thumb on a spe­cific point on the gui­tar - the pickup sur­round or the top edge of the neck etc to make the side­ways move­ments a lit­tle more ac­cu­rate than ‘free­hand’ playing (ie point­ing with the first fin­ger and pluck­ing with the thumb). This should al­low you to move

G13b9 quickly and fol­low the re­quired chord shapes, like in Bar 6’s chord where eighth notes are arpeg­giated across the top four strings.

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