3 Bossa Nova

Guitar Techniques - - ACOUSTIC -

THE BRAZIL­IAN BOSSA nova style be­came pop­u­lar in the ‘60s and is a fu­sion of samba and jazz. The tempo is usu­ally laid back and with a mel­low vibe. The bossa nova style has be­come part of the stan­dard jazz reper­toire, and the com­poser An­to­nio Car­los Jo­bim has writ­ten many clas­sic songs in­clud­ing The girl From Ipanema. The rhythms are based around the ‘bossa’ clave (See Fig 1, p30). The two-bar bossa nova clave pat­tern can be played with three beats in the first bar, and two beats in the sec­ond (3:2 clave) or re­versed so that there are two beats in bar 1, and three beats in bar 2 (2:3 clave).

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