4 Cha-cha-cha

Guitar Techniques - - TOP 10 LATIN STYLES -

THE CHA-CHA-CHA or ‘cha-cha’ is an­other Cuban mu­sic style that’s a pop­u­lar beat to dance to. This style was pop­u­larised by En­rique Jor­rin in the ’50s, and has since be­come a fa­mous ball­room dance fea­tur­ing small steps and sway­ing hips. The name cha-cha-cha is ono­matopoeic and de­scribes the rhythm pho­net­i­cally - think of the three hits at the end of Ste­vie Won­der’s song, I Just Called To Say I Love You – that’s ‘cha-cha-cha!’

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