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The se­cret of good gui­tar playing – whether pulling back the tempo slightly on gospel style arpeg­gios or hit­ting with each snare beat right on the but­ton with Mo­town style ‘chops’ – is about the way you de­liver an idea, as this has a ma­jor ef­fect on the way it’s per­ceived by the lis­tener. For solo gui­tar phrases (as most of th­ese ex­am­ples are) this is also true. Al­ter­nate picked phrases can sound jum­bled and in­co­her­ent if they push or pull too much against the beat – and this con­trol is best achieved by playing reg­u­larly against a tim­ing ref­er­ence, whether that be a metronome, drum loop or even a record­ing of a favourite song. Start slowly and build up in com­fort­able in­cre­ments. Pa­tience is key!

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