This month Martin Cooper adopts his best Man­cu­nian swag­ger to check out the era-defin­ing sound of Oa­sis and main man Noel Gal­lagher.

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Martin Cooper is mad for it, as he ex­am­ines the lead and rhythm style of Noel Gal­lagher.

For rock fans, Oa­sis need very lit­tle in the way of in­tro­duc­tion. They were, of course, built upon the ex­plo­sive en­ergy and sib­ling re­la­tion­ship of the Gal­lagher brothers: Noel who was the lead guitarist and prin­ci­pal song­writer, and vo­cal­ist Liam. They were joined by a some­what change­able line-up, but early main­stays in­cluded Paul ‘Bone­head’ Arthurs on rhythm gui­tar, bassist Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan and drum­mer Tony Car­roll, later re­placed by Alan White. Other mem­bers in­cluded guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell and drum­mer Zak Starkey.

The Gal­lagher brothers are the epit­ome of a rags to riches rock and roll suc­cess story. After grow­ing up in work­ing-class Manch­ester the pair shot to fame and for­tune after be­ing signed to Alan McGhee’s Cre­ation Records in 1993. They had ac­tu­ally formed from a dif­fer­ent band, Rain, and had fea­tured nei­ther of the Gal­laghers. Liam was the first to join fol­lowed by Noel, and the band changed its name to Oa­sis, in­spired by the name of a venue on the In­spi­ral Car­pets tour, on which Noel was a roadie. Oa­sis re­lied on a recipe of sim­ple chords and root note bass lines, with mem­o­rable vo­cal hooks and melodic gui­tar so­los. This fo­cus on catchy, an­themic songs meant their de­but al­bum, Def­i­nitely Maybe be­came the fastest-sell­ing de­but al­bum in his­tory. Mas­sive shows and enor­mous suc­cess fol­lowed, and on the tour for the fol­low-up al­bum (What’s The Story) Morn­ing Glory they played two shows at Kneb­worth which saw 125,000 fans at­tend each night.

How­ever they couldn’t main­tain the mo­men­tum or in­deed the har­mony be­tween the frac­tious Gal­lagher brothers and the next few al­bums didn’t match the pre­vi­ous two for

ThIs mONTh’s TRACK Is A TYp­I­CAL BRIT-ROCKER wITh sIm­pLE ChORDs AND A sINGABLE sOLO sales or gen­eral ap­peal. None­the­less, there are some gems to be found on any of their al­bums, right up to the fi­nal re­lease Dig Out Your Soul.

This month’s track is a typ­i­cal Oa­sis-style Brit rocker with sim­ple, di­rect chords and a typ­i­cally singable Noel-style Pen­ta­tonic solo. We’re in the key of E Mi­nor (E-F#-G-A-BC-D) but the sec­ond sec­tion and the solo move up to the rel­a­tive Ma­jor (G) which con­tains the ex­act same notes and chords but pro­vides a more stri­dent andu­plift­ing sound. As is typ­i­cal for Noel, the solo is built on G Ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic (G-A-B-D-E) with plenty of coun­try-rock style bends. Check out Get The Tone and Playing Tips for more de­tails.

Noel Gal­lagher with fab­u­lous Gib­son ES-355

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