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Nev con­fesses he doesn’t learn all GT’s great lessons, but vows to make amends this month.

I read ev­ery word in GT ev­ery month, but some­how rarely get round to go­ing through it mu­si­cally. So, one of the peo­ple that should get the most out of it doesn’t, be­cause we move straight onto the next is­sue. Plus I gig, and I also want to get away from ‘work’ when I get home (ex­cuses!).

But a cou­ple of fea­tures this is­sue caught my eye that I do in­tend to try - one be­cause I’ve wanted to for years, and the other since my playing could se­ri­ously do with it.

I don’t cur­rently own a ny­lon-string gui­tar, but used to use one as my main ‘sofa’ in­stru­ment - I learnt all my Ste­vie Won­der songs on it! Jason ac­quired a lovely one re­cently though, so I’m think­ing how lovely it would be to spend the re­main­ing win­ter nights go­ing though our big Go Latin fea­ture. I know a few Jo­bim songs and have that chord vo­cab­u­lary lurk­ing in the back of my brain, so to get more deeply into the whole South amer­i­can thing is most ap­peal­ing - plus it will give me an ex­cuse to go GaSsing after a new in­stru­ment (I’ve al­ready done a bit of pre­lim­i­nary trawl­ing!). The other ar­ti­cle is richard Bar­rett’s Tech­nique Makeover. I did a video for Guitarist with richard re­cently, and he’s such a clean and ar­tic­u­late player that my fretboard fum­blings felt some­what agri­cul­tural next to his fleet-fin­gered­ness, eco­nomic use of move­ment and an abil­ity to leap from rest to a sprint in mil­lisec­onds. richard is right on when he says in the fea­ture how small tweaks in all playing de­part­ments can add up to real gains in the longer run. It’s a bit like oil­ing your bike, pump­ing up the tyres, tight­en­ing the chain, an­gling the sad­dle and han­dle­bars just right, and gain­ing an­other five miles an hour as a re­sult. I don’t even have a bike - but you know what I mean! en­joy the is­sue, and do let me know if th­ese fea­tures worked for you.

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