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Ja­son Sid­well in­tro­duces another ac­tion­packed Gui­tar Tech­niques lessons sec­tion

We’re of­ten ASKeD about ‘out­side’ play­ing or us­ing ex­otic modes de­rived from Har­monic or Melodic Mi­nor scales. It’s the har­monic equiv­a­lent of eight-fin­ger tap­ping or whammy bar aided slap har­mon­ics; topics that are at the up­per end of a gui­tarist’s mu­si­cal world. or, put another way, ma­te­rial found right at the back of huge tu­to­rial books promis­ing ‘com­plete gui­tar mastery’.

This is all well and good, but for most de­vel­op­ing or time-poor guitarists there’s much more sense in study­ing the topics that reg­u­larly crop up in ar­eas of most in­ter­est, or in which you gig. In short, it’s best to keep to a log­i­cal ‘main path’ with­out get­ting too side-tracked by (for want of a bet­ter term) niche temp­ta­tions.

You will have seen a bril­liant ‘meat and po­ta­toes’ the­ory ar­ti­cle al­ready (p14): All The Blues Chords You’ll Ever Need. This is loaded with ‘real world’ chords that will not only fuel your blues play­ing but also rock, coun­try and top 40 styles that are just an ar­tic­u­la­tion or ef­fects pedal stomp away. But there’s tons more use­ful and ver­sa­tile in­for­ma­tion through­out this is­sue. Try the Mixoly­dian 7th ar­peg­gios in Cre­ative Rock (p82); Mixoly­dian (along with Do­rian) are our rec­om­mended first choice modes once you’ve got a han­dle on straight Ma­jor and Nat­u­ral Mi­nor scales, due to their ubiq­ui­tous us­age. Shaun’s play­ing is pretty fast for sure, but the fret­board shapes and the colour­ful phrases in the tab and no­ta­tion will prove very ben­e­fi­cial to your fun­da­men­tal solo­ing ‘tool-box’. And check out Chord Camp (p88), where CAGED shapes are moved around the fret­board; new sounds from old knowl­edge. To close, switch from the­ory to tech­nique, where Wood­shed (p92) looks at hy­brid pick­ing. Pick and fin­gers is a hugely ver­sa­tile ap­proach (get to in­clude your fourth fin­ger too) and not just for coun­try, where it made its mark. En­joy the is­sue and keep wood­shed­ding in ar­eas that will move you for­ward the quick­est, and with the best re­turns!

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