Sergeant Ma­jor Iain Scott kicks off a new se­ries on the CAGED sys­tem. This is­sue he looks at mov­ing Ma­jor chord shapes around the neck.

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Iain Scott cov­ers the much-dis­cussed CAGED sys­tem (Ma­jor chords) in this month’s les­son.

Rea­son­ably sea­soned guitarists will no doubt have heard about the CAGED sys­tem. The stan­dard tun­ing on the gui­tar (E-A-D-G-B-E low to high) pro­vides five dif­fer­ent fin­ger­ing shapes for a Ma­jor chord at the nut: C-A-G-E and D. Th­ese are very im­por­tant har­monic shapes on the gui­tar that con­tain scales, ar­peg­gios, etc, and have been de­vel­oped by teach­ers into a log­i­cal sys­tem of shapes called CAGED.

In this les­son we will be look­ing at th­ese CAGED chords when they are used as ‘float­ing shapes’ up the neck. The open strings at the nut will be left to ‘ring open’. So in each ex­am­ple we will use the use­ful po­si­tions where the open strings sup­port the chord. Ready to give it a go? Let’s in­ves­ti­gate fur­ther. Ex­per­i­ment with all of the CAGED shapes for your­selves this month as next is­sue we will be look­ing at mi­nor CAGED shapes. Have fun!

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