phil hilborne’s one-minute lick FAKE SLIDE GUI­TAR VI­BRATO ARM LICK

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The gui­Tar’s vi­braTo arm is one of the most ex­pres­sive de­vices we have. used with skill and taste it can add a lot to your play­ing. This lick il­lus­trates a ‘fake slide’GphUrIaTsAeRwhTeEreCtHhNeIiQn­tUeEnStisM­toAfGooAlZthINeElist2en6e7rin to be­liev­ing you are us­ing a real slide, but it in­volves a great deal of con­trol. it be­gins with a ‘Dust My broom’ style phrase, de­press­ing and re­leas­ing the bar to

‘swoop’ into the b notes from the 5 (b ) a semi­tone be­low. For the quar­ter-tone swoop down to the g note, pre-bend up­wards with the arm be­fore pick­ing, then re­lease it back to the g note - it’s easy to pull the bar up too far, so take care. For the sec­ond phrase we ‘swoop’ into the notes and add vi­brato as in­di­cated. how much you ma­nip­u­late the bar for the same amount of ‘swoop’ or vi­brato, varies - the higher strings re­quire more move­ment than the lower ones. good con­trol is the key to suc­cess here.

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