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[Part 4a] Once again here we’re ex­ploit­ing the power of su­per­im­po­si­tion. This topic could eas­ily form an en­tire ar­ti­cle, or in fact se­ries of ar­ti­cles, so all I can do is al­lude to the scope should you choose to do some fur­ther re­search. Check out the chords in bars 1 and 2. Spot any­thing go­ing on hid­den in the up­per voices? Yes, that’s right, we’re achiev­ing our II-v-I-vI by sim­ply mov­ing three notes up a semi­tone and chang­ing the bass note. So I’m ef­fec­tively

Db/G, im­ply­ing Dm11 with C/D, G7alt with Cmaj13(#11) with D/C and A7alt with e /A.

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