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[Part 6a] Let’s dis­miss a cou­ple of mis­con­cep­tions right away. The first is that you must start on ei­ther the higher or lower of the root notes; you can be­gin any­where you like! The sec­ond is that you must play each and ev­ery note in the or­der you find them and in the same di­rec­tion; this is a com­plete non-starter, with some play­ers such as Al­lan Holdsworth and John Scofield at­tempt­ing to avoid any more than four con­sec­u­tive notes go­ing in the same di­rec­tion be­fore switch­ing to some­thing else. I’d much pre­fer to see a scale fin­ger­ing as a ‘note pool’, mean­ing that I can dip in any­where I like, in any in­ter­val­lic per­mu­ta­tion, and even bring in some of the notes from out­side the scale at any point while al­ways stay­ing in con­trol. When deal­ing with a melodic con­cept such as this you may wish to elim­i­nate any rhyth­mic vari­ables by play­ing an un­bro­ken se­ries of 8th or 16th notes, as you see here.

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