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[Part 7a] For changes based play­ing, scales are of­ten not the best de­vice, es­pe­cially when mov­ing at speed. Some­times it’s much more ef­fec­tive to pre­dom­i­nantly draw from the chord tones. In this ex­am­ple I’ve mapped out 7 the ba­sic changes to the open­ing bars of a Coltrane-style chord se­quence that usu­ally scares the liv­ing day­lights out of any im­pro­viser.

[Part 7b] next up I’ve ar­ranged th­ese chords us­ing voice lead­ing, which es­sen­tially means em­ploy­ing min­i­mal move­ment to con­nect the com­mon tones within each har­monic event but cre­at­ing an in­ner (or outer) ‘tune’.

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