Ex­am­plE2 Cho­rus 2

Guitar Techniques - - BLUES-ROCK -

[Bars 11-17] For the sec­ond cho­rus the band dy­namic comes down dras­ti­cally. This is a top trick and very ef­fec­tive in the slow blues, help­ing to build ten­sion and add va­ri­ety. in this cho­rus Peter Green style phras­ing is at the fore. Check out the pre-bent note in bar 13. sim­ply bend the note to pitch be­fore pick­ing it. There is an­other fast and com­plex phrase to get un­der the fin­gers in bar 16. see how cer­tain bits of vo­cab­u­lary are re-used and re-or­dered - very ef­fec­tive.

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