Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[Bar 1] Al­though not ex­clu­sive to Ge­orge this bass and strum­ming is a great thing to have in your arse­nal, as it mim­ics a pian­ist’s left and right hand.

[Bar 3] Our first ‘un­ex­pected’ chord is this C# Di­min­ished 7th that re­ally adds some colour to the sound and gets you out of the stan­dard, pre­dictable chord pro­gres­sions so com­mon to pop mu­sic of this era. [Bar 7] Another Di­min­ished 7th to catch the ear. note that this shape moves up in mi­nor 3ds but al­ways con­tains the same notes, so an E Di­min­ished 7th Bb chord is also a C# Di­min­ished 7th, G Di­min­ished 7th and Di­min­ished 7th. You can see the ef­fect of mov­ing this chord up in bar 12. [Bar 16] A very Bea­tles-es­que pause on this Am10 chord!

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