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Ex1a shows the five com­mon CAGED chord shapes found down at the first few frets. CAGED is a word cre­ated by link­ing to­gether the names of the five ma­jor chords; C Ma­jor, A Ma­jor, G Ma­jor, E Ma­jor and D Ma­jor. While this word is a quick route into ref­er­enc­ing th­ese five shapes, you could ap­pre­ci­ate the shapes by see­ing two with the root bass note on the sixth string (E and G), two with the root on the fifth string (A and C) and one with the root bass note on the fourth string (D). You will no­tice th­ese shapes fea­ture both fret­ted notes and open strings; part of the rea­son why they are im­por­tant par­ent chords that nu­mer­ous ad­di­tions and vari­a­tions can then be made from. Ex 1b shows the power of th­ese five shapes to play five C Ma­jor chords in dif­fer­ent places on the fret­board. The first C uses the C shape (S3), the sec­ond C uses the A shape (S4), the third C uses the G shape (S5), the fourth C uses the E shape (S1) and the fi­nal C uses the D shape (S2).

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