EXAMPLE10 PETEr grEEn STyLE: I-IV-I-V-I-V7 dE­SCEnd­Ing Turn­ArOund

Guitar Techniques - - TURN AROUNDS -

PeterEGreen was a pre­co­cious mas­ter of the blues; his authen­tic vi­brato and con­trolled phras­ing were al­ready fully de­vel­oped by the time he re­placed eric Clap­ton in The Blues­break­ers at the ten­der age of 19. This ex­am­ple il­lus­trates how adept his ap­proach was when deal­ing with a com­plex Mi­nor turn­around (with both Mi­nor and dom­i­nant v chords), us­ing noth­ing more than the tonic Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale.

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