EXAMPLE14 four ras­gueado strums

cd track 38

Guitar Techniques - - FINGERPICKING -

Rest­ing the thumb on the sixth string through­out, the first pat­tern uses all fin­gers to strum in­clud­ing the fourth or ‘c’ fin­ger. The hand be­gins as a closed fist and the fin­gers ‘fan’ or ‘flick’ out of the hand one by one in strict rhythm to strum the strings. The sec­ond pat­tern uses a m and fin­gers and this time the first fin­ger (i) re­peats and strums back to­wards the bass strings on the last chord of group. The third pat­tern uses the ‘c’ fin­ger again in a group of four 16th notes. The fi­nal pat­tern is a group of five notes us­ing all fin­gers as in­di­cated and this one is com­mon in fla­menco style play­ing.

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