Guitar Techniques - - ALBENIZ -

A7(b9) [Bars 31-45 ] At the top of the page we have an run lead­ing to a V-I ca­dence to the new sec­tion in D. This be­gins with a full strum on the D Ma­jor chord and the melody – played mainly with a re­peated third (an­nu­lar) fin3ger with off beat semi-qua­vers un­der­neath. Try the in­di­cated pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing and make the melody stand out vol­ume-wise from the ac­com­pa­ni­ment. Once this sec­tion is un­der your fin­gers, keep the tempo up for a good sense of flow and for­ward mo­men­tum. At bar 42 the melody ap­pears in the bass so aim for a nice warm tone with the thumb.

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