Guitar Techniques - - ALBENIZ -

[Bars 46-57] Bars 46 and 47 are quite stretchy for the fret­ting hand, so prac­tise this slowly at first and try to re­lax and lengthen (straighten) the fin­gers where nee4ded. The melody ap­pears in the bass at bar 50 and is played with the thumb. Bars 52 and 53 are quite chal­leng­ing so, again, prac­tise slowly at first fol­low­ing the fret­ting hand fin­ger­ing care­fully. Bar 57 should be played em­phat­i­cally with a rit to lead us back to a re­in­state­ment of the D Ma­jor melody (next bar).

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