ExamplE7 be­boP lines over two-chord ly­dian vaMP

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This ex­am­ple tog­gles back and forth be­tween d maj7 and Cm7 (the iv­maj7 and iiim7 in the key of a ), and as the iv is func­tion­ing as the key cen­tre, this could be con­sid­ered from the per­spec­tive of d ly­dian (r-2-3-#4-5-6-7). it’s pos­si­ble that rémy is vi­su­al­is­ing these lines from the par­ent key’s ii chord, Bbm7, Bb (Bb-C-db-eb-F-G-ab),

along with its as­so­ci­ated do­rian mode us­ing a de­vice called mi­nori­sa­tion. if you like this type of sound and ap­proach, then you re­ally must in­ves­ti­gate both the mu­si­cal and the ed­u­ca­tional con­tri­bu­tions to jazz pre­sented to us by the leg­endary gui­tarist, Pat Martino.

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