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[Bars 19-24] Frey’s writ­ing, while sound­ing sim­ple of­ten takes a se­quence on a few un­ex­pected har­monic twists and turns. We’ll see that over the next few bars as we go from a C to Cm then a7 to am7. The fol­low­ing d7-B7-Em move­ment un­ex­pected but an­other ex­am­ple of how he would in­ject un­ex­pected chords along the way. The leap from the open C chord to the barred Cm will be good prac­tice for the fret­ting hand. The d6/9sus 4 chord is only ac­tu­ally here as it al­lows us to briefly re­lease the fret­ting hand fin­gers be­fore mak­ing the fol­low­ing B7 chord shape.

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