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EX­AM­PLE 4 And now, by re­vers­ing the or­der (4-3-2-1 then 1-2-3-4), we end up play­ing down one arpeg­gio and then up the next. re­mem­ber to try this scheme with all the other scales you know - lit­er­ally end­less op­por­tu­ni­ties!

EX­AM­PLE 5 Whereas ex­am­ples 1-4 moved up through the scale, ex­am­ples 5-8 are go­ing to take the same ap­proaches back down through the same three-notes-per-scale pat­tern. So in this ex­am­ple, we start with the same per­mu­ta­tion that was used in ex­am­ple 1 (1-2-3-4).

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