EXAMPLE12 PETEr grEEn STyLE: I-I7-IV-IVm-I-V dE­SCEnd­Ing Turn­ArOund

Guitar Techniques - - TURN AROUNDS -

The tonic Mi­nor Blues scale con­tains the uber-cool in­ter­val, a note that is all too freEq4uently merely em­ployed as a pass­ing note for cre­at­ing fast licks. In this ex­am­ple it is used to cre­ate an ef­fec­tive har­mony line that de­scends in par­al­lel mo­tion a sixth above the bassline. no­tice also how the phrase ef­fec­tively re­solves onto the v chord (G7), il­lus­trat­ing to­tal rhyth­mic and har­monic con­trol.

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