Blues Scale Moves Lick

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This lick Il­lus­trates four blues ‘moves’ all b us­ing notes drawn from a Blues scale (a-c-D-e e-G). They can be used in iso­la­tion or re­peated and com­bined with other licks, so treat them as small cel­lu­lar ideas that can be em­bel­lished upon. Move #1 in­volves the root (a) played as abpedal­bon the sec­ond string while the 5-5 (e -e) is played as a slide on the first. Move #2 uses funky tri­ads on the top three strings as a base for the phrase. Move #3 is a vari­a­tion on #1 with b5-5s the root on the first string and the on the sec­ond. The fi­nal move­bis a coun­try favourite - a de­scend­ing 5- 5-4 on the fourth string played against a third string a root. ex­per­i­ment with these ‘moves’ in as many keys and mu­si­cal set­tings as you can.

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