bVII- bVI-V EXAMPLE11 PETEr grEEn STyLE: I- mI­nOr Turn­ArOund

Guitar Techniques - - TURN AROUNDS -

bvI7-v7 b7-G7) The chro­matic (ie a chord se­quence is very com­mon in Mi­nor bvI turn­arounds but can be ap­proached as a reg­u­lar Im-v7 se­quence since the 3 chord3shares crit­i­cal notes with the tonic Mi­nor chord (the root and Mi­nor 3rd). no­tice how the Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic is used to gen­er­ate al­tered ten­sions over that all-im­por­tant G7 chord in bar 4 (with the tonic note C note phrased on the off­beat). Peter re­ally knew how to nail a solo!

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