EX­AM­PLE2 RIFF 2 - Ex­otIc tEx­tuRES

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Us­ing a phaser, this riff is also in two halves: the moody cello-style sec­tion leads to2 a looser arpeg­giated chord part, both in­spired by Jimmy’s play­ing in the mid ‘70s era (it was prac­ti­cally a le­gal re­quire­ment to use lots of phaser at the time). This isn’t too dif­fi­cult tech­ni­cally, but hope­fully gives an in­sight into Jimmy’s com­po­si­tional, ar­rang­ing and sound choice pro­cesses. Keep the gain low, or those arpeg­gios will be lost in the mix.

On­stage in­ter­play with Plant was a main­stay of Led Zep live shows

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