EX­AM­PLE5 acouS­tIc 2 - opEn c tunIng

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Though Jimmy of­ten pre­ferred to add his own twist to open tun­ings (or even in­GvUenITt­nAeRw oTnEeC­soHuNtriIgQhUt)EthSis e2x­a7m1­ple is tuned to open C, low to high: C-G-C-G-C-E. Jimmy would some­times add cho­rus, flang­inR­giocrhraevre­dr­bB­tao­rar­net's acous­tic part in the stu­dio, so we’ve added a lit­tle mod­u­lated re­verb in that spirit here. The fun­da­men­tal con­cern is keep­ing the rhyth­mic al­ter­nat­ing bass notes as reg­u­lar as pos­si­ble. Prac­tise slowly and it should fall to­gether.

A bet­ter view of the Bar­cus Berry mic taped on to Jimmy’s Martin

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