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Holdsworth’s ‘most use­ful’ scale is very fa­mil­iar as re­lated to a Ma­jor scale. How­ever it is in fact the ‘least crowded’ way of choos­ing seven notes from 12 – they are spread out as far as pos­si­ble (‘max­i­mally even’ is the tech­ni­cal term for such a dis­tri­bu­tion). Holdsworth tended to name scales from the Mi­nor per­spec­tive (see­ing this as D Do­rian) al­though it’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber it’s also C Ma­jor, E Phry­gian, F Ly­dian, G Mixoly­dian, A Ae­o­lian and B Locrian, so we can think of it as the ‘Do­rian fam­ily’ as well as the ‘Ma­jor fam­ily’ (or ‘ Ly­dian fam­ily’ etc). Di­a­gram 1 on page 44 shows all the fret­ted notes of this scale. I’ve high­lighted the root of C for ref­er­ence, even though Holdsworth didn’t think this way.

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