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Greet­ings from a Dutch reader. My gui­tar les­son a few days ago, was all about how to fin­ger­pick easy Span­ish flavoured gui­tar pieces, on which I have been work­ing to­gether with my teacher. You al­ready guess what hap­pened: just as I was go­ing through some books of mine to find sam­ples, GT ar­rived. Opened the wrap, and out came a ‘fin­ger­pick­ing CD’, and then the ex­act sam­ples I was look­ing for, as lessons in the mag­a­zine! You made my day, thank you for that. Linda Barkhuy­sen That’s bril­liant, Linda. Serendip­ity strikes again. I hope you en­joyed Brid­get’s fine piece. Our best wishes to all the lovely mu­si­cians and GT read­ers in Der Ned­er­lands!

Brid­get Mer­mikides: how about Ro­drigo with back­ing?

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