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Guitar Techniques - - TALK BACK - Michel La­pointe, RouynNo­randa, Que­bec, Canada

Greet­ings form the north of Que­bec ! My very first issue that I still have was pur­chased in De­cem­ber 1994 and I have been a sub­scriber for close to ten years now, so me com­plain­ing about the mag­a­zine would be kinda hard to do. But I have two sug­ges­tions I’d like you to con­sider.

I al­ways give a try to Brid­get’s columns, and even have one of my clas­si­cal gui­tars al­ways tuned to drop D, just in case! How about ask­ing Brid­get to com­mit to some­thing of a long run like Bach’s Cha­conne? Not in a sin­gle issue, of course, but spread over the num­ber of months that would be re­quired to master this, sec­tion by sec­tion. I would also look for­ward to what she would have to tell us about this won­der­ful piece.

The other is, mem­o­rable gui­tar so­los. I en­joy play­ing along the gui­tar solo of the songs I like, es­pe­cially if they are not too chal­leng­ing. One ex­am­ple that comes to mind is the solo in a won­der­ful Art Gar­funkel song: Scis­sor’s Cut. It breaks my heart every time I hear it, and I love play­ing it over and over. I sup­pose that your team with all its con­tacts could also write about the ac­tual, of­ten un­known player be­hind some of those short mo­ments that bring a song to another level. Voilà ! Hi Michel. The idea of a long clas­si­cal piece tran­scribed over sev­eral months is in­trigu­ing. I’d be in­ter­ested to hear if oth­ers would find that ap­peal­ing too - magazines usu­ally worry about rep­e­ti­tion, as we like to be able to put some­thing new on the cover each month. Maybe a two-month ar­ti­cle would be a start­ing point? Any other sug­ges­tions for long pieces would be great­fully re­ceived - if some­thing ab­so­lutely amaz­ing was sug­gested, who knows? Re­gard­ing tab­bled so­los, we used to do it reg­u­larly in both Gui­tarist (Phil Hil­borne’s Solo Anal­y­sis) and in GT - we tabbed three great so­los from Christo­pher Cross’s de­but al­bum, for in­stance. Sadly, it’s just too ex­pen­sive th­ese days so we’ve stopped tab­bing any copy­right ma­te­rial. Were that ever to change, I think so­los would be the first thing to re­turn.

Phil’s Solo Anal­y­sis was a Gui­tarist favourite

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