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I’ve no­ticed in re­cent months per­haps the last year - that the amp pro­fil­ers such as Kem­per, Frac­tal and He­lix are be­com­ing more and more preva­lent. I’ve been to a cou­ple of theatre shows re­cently and there were no amps in the pit but the gui­tar sounds were won­der­ful. I’ve not yet made the jump from glass, wood and mag­nets but I think it’s just a mat­ter of time. And, to that end, I was won­der­ing if a) you have any ad­vice on which one is best for live gigs and b) if any of your writ­ers use pro­fil­ers on the GT au­dio tracks? I’d be very in­ter­ested to hear your views. You’re quite right, Alan. I’ve no­ticed it too - lots of Face­book posts on the sub­ject and long, rag­ing de­bates be­tween con­verts and naysay­ers. First off, I don’t be­lieve many of our guys use ac­tual pro­fil­ers for their GT au­dio al­though Quist is a Frac­tal Ax­eFx en­dorser and Stu­art Ryan a re­cent Kem­per pur­chaser - both love them, too. I’ve been us­ing a Line6 He­lix on stage for about nine months (with in-ear mon­i­tors) and it’s trans­formed the gig for me. I use elec­tric and acious­tic through it, both on ded­i­cated patches with some won­der­ful, nat­u­ral sounds. Ja­son Sid­well plays both He­lix and Kem­per, again mainly for the mu­si­cal theatre shows that he does. He has no real pref­er­ence, son­i­cally, but for a two-gui­tar gig he goes He­lix as it of­fers a sim­pler so­lu­tion for that. It’s also ar­guably eas­ier to tweak on the fly. But ask any Kem­per, Frac­tal or He­lix user about them and they’ll tell you they’ve trans­formed their gigs es­pe­cially theatre shows where stage vol­ume is al­ways the bane of the pro­ducer or sound en­gi­neer’s life. Ja­son still has his Boo­gie and AC15, and I still have a Mar­shall JTM45 and Blues Ju­nior for lairy pub gigs or lit­tle venues (both of us have nicely pop­u­lated ped­al­boards too). So amps and ped­als cer­tainly haven’t had their day; it’s just that, for cer­tain sit­u­a­tions, the pro­fil­ers are so prac­ti­cal - and sound so darned good - that they are no-brain­ers.

Pro­fil­ers are many play­ers’ live so­lu­tion

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