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Rather than think­ing of chords as un­mov­able blocks it’s lib­er­at­ing to think of a key area and use chords de­rived from the scale (or mode) in a more fluid man­ner (par­tic­u­larly on longer one-chord ‘vamp’ sec­tions); it also of­fers op­tions for chords in conventional pro­gres­sions. Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Joe Dioro, Kenny Bur­rell, Emily Rem­ler, Scott Hen­der­son and Al­lan Holdsworh take this ‘modal’ ap­proach. There are many modes and con­cepts to ex­plore but I’ve picked the ex­tremely use­ful Do­rian, Ly­dian, Mixoly­dian, and Al­tered.

eX­am­ple 6 Here’s a num­ber of great-sound­ing chords, all over the neck, that de­scribe D-E-F-G-A-B-C mode. The ‘char­ac­ter’ note of D Do­rian is the Ma­jor 6th (B nat­u­ral) and you’ll see that note ap­pear in many of th­ese voic­ings.

eXamGpUlITeA7RLy­dTi­aEnCwHitNhIQit­sUraEisSed24t7h2(B nat­u­ral for F Ly­dian here) gives a GUI­TAR TECH­NIQUES 2 7 2 beau­ti­ful float­ing qual­ity to a Ma­jor sonor­ity. It works greaMt­foil­r­to1n)e'sx­teCn­hdeo­drd sec­tions of Ma­jor 7th chords; 2) when the chord is not the I chord and; 3) end­ing chords. Prac­tise th­ese in a num­ber of keys and con­texts.

eX­am­ple 8 Mixoly­dian mode is top choice for Dom­i­nant 7th chords so think of th­ese ideas as op­tions over a dom7 chord from blues to funk to jazz.

eX­am­ple 9 The Al­tered (or Su­per­locrian mode) cre­ates max­i­mum dis­so­nance b7th with­out ‘break­ing’ the dom7 chord. It con­tains root, ma­j3rd and to de­fine its es­sen­tial qual­ity, but all other scale de­grees are al­tered from their nat­u­ral

b9-#9, b5-b-13. A-Bb,-B#-C#-Eb-F-G. po­si­tion, hence: A Al­tered there­fore is Some play­ers also in­clude the 5th (as I’ve done here on a cou­ple of the chords). I’ve also in­cluded a 13th, which sounds suit­ably John Scofield-es­que, with a #9 or b9. Th­ese sound great over a Dom­i­nant 7th chord with al­tered ex­ten­sions and/ wg hi nenJyaozuz want to cre­ate some added ten­sion. Ex. 6 Do­rian Flu­ency Ex. 6 Do­rian Flu­ency Ex. 6 Do­rian Flu­ency

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