EXAMPLEs12 chord solo study

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This solo is one of count­less pos­si­ble us­ing this se­quence. For ex­am­ple, for the D Do­rian sec­tions (bars 1-7 and 29) you can use any Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic/Blues

Eb7 ideas from Ex 1, or the har­mon­i­sa­tions from Ex 3. For the G7 and (bars 9-11, 30), any of the Mixoly­dian chords (Ex 8) or bluesy dou­ble-stops (Ex 2). The Al­tered chords (bars 8 and 24) are from Ex 9, the II-v pro­gres­sions (bars 25-26) from Ex 11, the maj7 chords in bars 31-32 are from Ex 5 and the Ly­dian chords (bars 26-28 and 32), Ex 7. Once you’ve learned this solo, have a go at build­ing your own us­ing the other ex­am­ples here to start mak­ing your own ma­te­rial.

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