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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Brett and Al­lan both pre­fer tones that aim to sound less like a conventional lead gui­tar and per­haps more like some sort of other-worldly tenor horn. To this end, a dark sound is re­quired, with lots of deep overdrive or dis­tor­tion but lit­tle in the way of top end or pres­ence. It’s all about smooth­ness of ex­e­cu­tion and so steer clear of raspy‘pixel­lated’ dis­tor­tion, in­stead opt­ing for the smoothest drive you can find. Both Al­lan and Brett like their picked and legato notes to be of sim­i­lar vol­ume, so take this into con­sid­er­a­tion too. A hum­buck­ing bridge pickup is the way to go, and some nice re­verb can also help to smooth out the play­ing. Al­lan didn’t mind whether his amps were valve or tran­sis­tor, as long as the tone was right. Use the above set­tings as your sonic start­ing guide.

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