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Garsed de­vel­oped this tex­tu­ral idea by adding an ex­pres­sion pedal that con­trolled the in­put to the de­lay sec­tion of the sound. In this way the de­lay could be con­trolled ex­pres­sively and the pedal could be grad­u­ally or quickly de­pressed when that pad am­bi­ence was re­quired but then lifted when rhyth­mic clar­ity is re­quired: not ex­actly the same as just con­trol­ling the vol­ume of the de­lays, as it lim­its a sig­nal be­ing sent to the de­lay so har­monies don’t bleed into each other. Here’s how this adapted Holdsworth sound is used in Garsed’s more rhyth­mic play­ing.

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