ExamplE1 12/8 gospel blues in a

cd track 44

Guitar Techniques - - GT LEARNING ZONE -

(a-C-d-eb OuGr UfirIsTtAexRamTpEleCisHbNaIsQedUaEroSun2d7a g2os­pel blues type chord pro­gres­sion in 12/8 time. Scales used are mostly a Mi­nor Blues -e-G) with var­i­ous ap­proach EARL notes and pass­ing tones, plus a smat­ter­ing of a Mixoly­di­anLe(as-BD-Ca#v-id-se-oFn#-'Gs) fBorLaUnEoSd toDwUaErdSs m-ajRorO­toNnNalIiEty.

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