ExamplE1 rhythm part

cd track 46

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON ROCK -

The track has a lot of space in the rhythm parts, so watch your tim­ing as slop­pi­ness will be es­pe­cially ob­vi­ous. There is also plenty of palm mut­ing on the chug­ging power chords through­out - th­ese need to be ac­cu­rate, but not too ag­gres­sive. Pay at­ten­tion as well to the pick­ing di­rec­tions and ac­cented notes. GUI­TAR TECH­NIQUES 2 7 2 There’s one quick change from over­driven to clean as well dMuarirnt­ginthCe­orhoypthemr'spaBrtI.MM ROCK COL­UMN - YES - Trevor Rabin Style

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