Mu­sic ed­i­tor Ja­son Sid­well in­tro­duces an­other full-to-the-brim GT lessons sec­tion.

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Wel­come to the Learn­ing Zone where you’ll be ex­posed to many ar­ti­cles rang­ing from short licks to scalic se­quenc­ing and ex­pan­sive ex­plo­rations of cel­e­brated gui­tarists. While there is much to check out, I’d like to point you to some­thing in each ar­ti­cle in or­der to make up a var­ied tu­ition buf­fet. It is sub­jec­tive - we’re all dif­fer­ent - but please do check it out! • 30-Minute Lick­bag, Ex­am­ple 3 (page 56). Ben­e­fit; tone and tim­ing, eve­ness of al­ter­nate pick­ing. • Jim­mie Vaughan Blues, Solo 1 (page 59). Ben­e­fits; mo­dal lick phras­ing, nail­ing chord tones, blues curls and tim­ing vari­a­tions. • Andy La­timer Rock, Full Piece (page 63). Ben­e­fits; flex­i­bil­ity of chang­ing time sig­na­tures. • Bill Frisell Jazz, Ex­am­ple 4 (page 68). Ben­e­fits; broad­en­ing hy­brid pick­ing tech­nique via a va­ri­ety of widen­ing dou­ble-stops (6ths, oc­taves, 3rds and 10ths). • Dolly Par­ton Acous­tic, Full Piece (page 73). Ben­e­fits; de­vel­op­ing fin­ger­pick­ing that in­volves strum­ming with the first finger and bassline move­ment. • Cre­ative Rock, Ex­am­ples 4,5,6, 7, 8 and 11 (page 78 on­wards). Ben­e­fits; Dom­i­nant Pen­ta­tonic vo­cab­u­lary, stim­u­lat­ing se­quen­tial pat­terns that are good for the hands and the ears! • Slide Guitar, Jam Track (page 84). Ben­e­fits; a full-sound­ing solo piece us­ing open G tun­ing and slide. • Bowie/Car­los Alo­mar Rhythm, Guitar 2 (page 88). Ben­e­fits; three­string chord vo­cab­u­lary. • Woodshed, Ex­am­ple 1 (page 90). Ben­e­fits; this E Mi­nor riff will im­prove your string skip­ping and sub­di­vi­sion abil­ity in 7/8. En­joy the is­sue!

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