Guitar Techniques - - JUMP BLUES -

The first cho­rus of this solo opens with cool chord comp­ing that adds more deGpUt hIT tA oR th Te Est Ca H nd Na IQ rdUeEigSh tM-b A aG rAbZ lu IN es Ese2qu7e3nce. note the use of the Al­tered chord (G7aug) in bar 2 that en­hances the V-I cadence tot hPe hi IlVC7acphonr de' is­ntJhUeMP fol­low­ing bar. In the sec­ond cho­rus the solo sticks closely to the changes; note how the use of G Mi­nor 6th Pen­ta­tonic in bars 11 and 12 per­fectly out­line the

tUhRe E note (6th) also be­ing the 3rd of the C chord.

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